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This portal is your online gateway to the information and resources at the school/institute. It provides you a range of personalized information as per your role. Staff and Management can manage their routine tasks whereas the students and their parents can keep themselves updated about the school’s activities. It is advisable to everyone to log-in the portal at regular interval so as to not miss any important information.

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Fee Schedule

School tuition fee is payable on monthly basis. However parents can deposit tuition fee for the whole year in advance, if they so desire.


  1. Fee is payable for 12 months irrespective of date of admission.
  2. Payment should be made between the 1st and the 10th of each month by cheque/cash. If the 10th
    of the month happens to be a holiday, then the payment is to be made to by next working day.
  3. Students will not be permitted to appear in the test/examination till all the dues are cleared.

Transport Fee

Transport charges are payable for 11 months. The amount is to be deposited along with the tuition fee for each month.

Late Fee Fine

A fine of Rs 50 shall be levied from the 11th to 20th of the month. Thereafter, a fine of Rs 100 will be charged till the last date of the month, after which the name of student will be struck off the rolls.
If fee is not paid by the last working day the student will not be allowed to attend the class until the re-admission charge is paid.
Fee structure and other details are available at the school reception.