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This portal is your online gateway to the information and resources at the school/institute. It provides you a range of personalized information as per your role. Staff and Management can manage their routine tasks whereas the students and their parents can keep themselves updated about the school’s activities. It is advisable to everyone to log-in the portal at regular interval so as to not miss any important information.

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Research and Educational

Montessori Classes

Learning is informal and done through the play way method using specially designed Aids. This develops Psycho-conative skills (learning by Doing) under well trained and caring Montessori teachers. The Emphasis is to make written work more creative and concentrate on the Physical, Mental, and Emotional growth of children to make them self-reliant. This also develops their cognitive and congative skills.

Classes I-VIII

Age group 5-13 years
Formal Education is introduced using the NCERT syllabus, Art, Craft, Club Activities, Music, Computers, Dance etc. is however, added in the curriculum. This aids overall development of character and personality. In class VI, a third language is introduced when the child can learn either Sanskrit, Modern Indian language.

Classes IX to XII

Age group 14-17 years
Here “Talent Development” aimed at spotting unusual and not well defined talents are initiated. This is channelized into creative fields like Oratory, dramatics, media communications etc. The interests are indentified in the earlier classes encourage them to participate confidently at stage, state levels and national levels. This develops positive individual mannerism and styles of behaviour rather than produce clones in society.